Resume Distribution – How to Get Your Resume Seen


Getting your resume or CV in front of as many recruiters and hiring managers as early as possible is one of the most important steps in the job search process. Responding late to a job listing puts you at a significant disadvantage. Studies show that the first application is typically received within 200 seconds after a position is posted, and by the time you discover the job listing you could quite easily have several hundred resumes well ahead of you.

Simply posting your resume on major job boards like Monster or Indeed is probably the most ineffective way to apply for a job today, because 427,000 resumes are posted on Monster alone each and every week. It is therefore important to use the most effective means at your disposal to ensure that your resume has the best chance of being seen by a potential recruiter or hiring manager.

Distributing Your CV or Resume Online

There are a number of methods you can use to get your resume seen by recruiters and potential employers. For example, when you find a suitable job listing, you can choose to send out your resume in response to suitable job listings that interest you. However, the main drawback of this method is that it would be far too time-consuming and puts you at risk of missing out on job opportunities.

Resume Distribution Services

Using a resume distribution services like Resume Robin is the quickest and most effective way to distribute your resume to over hundreds of online job boards and recruiters. Resume Robin has strategic business relationships with the most popular online job boards and recruiters, and using this powerful service to distribute your resume will ensure that you don’t miss out on jobs you’re perfectly qualified to do.


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